References about MHFA Standard

References from the courses I have presented:

Isle of Wight, November 2015

  • The course has been an eye-opening course, separating myths from the facts. I feel I learned quite a bit in the 2 days of the course.
  • Excellent course. Well delivered. Very useful, with good content. Well organised.
  • I would recommend others to do this course as it was very informative.
  • The course has given me excellent insight and helped me build self confidence. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you
  • It was a very interesting, in depth look at mental health issues which was delivered exceedingly well by the 2 instructors.
  • Course was really good. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount and the instructors kept us fully engaged. I would like to grow my skills in this area as a result of their motivation and teaching. Course has been fantastic! Thank you so much. It has really helped me.

Titchfield, Fareham, November 2015

  • Really enjoyed the course. Felt that I learnt a lot and has inspired me to continue and learn more. Thank you for the in depth learning offered and delivered with great pace and professionalism.
  • A useful and informative course which was very well presented.
  • Excellent course, thought provoking and enlightening.
  • The video clips are particularly useful. The exercise on hearing voices helped greatly in understanding the problem.
  • Mental health needs to be spoken of more – this course removes many of the myths and misunderstandings associated with it.
  • An informative, fascinating and useful course, delivered well. Thank you
  • Though there is a lot of information in two days, it was very useful. Very good, interesting and engaging course.


Isle of Wight, October 2015

  • Very good course, informative, in depth coverage of the subject. Easy to take in and remember all aspects. No hesitation in recommending course to others.
  • Yes, it was a very good course, I learned a lot and I hope in future I can help those with any difficulties.
  • ALGEE mnemonic very useful.
  • This will help me to help others where I work and live. A good skill to have in my life.
  • The course was very helpful and dispelled quite a few myths – I now have a clearer understanding of myself and how others may behave. I hope I can help someone with these new skills.
  • I enjoyed the course and now have a much better understanding of mental health.
  • I think this course should be taught in schools as it would help remove the stigma from an early age. Thank you for enlightening me and giving me the tools to help others as well as educate.

Eastbourne, September 2015

  • A very informative course, brilliant instructors answered any questions I had. Overall very pleased with my knowledge after the course.
  • Great, covered all the major areas.
  • Excellent course, very well presented, very informative. Thank you
  • Thank you, I’m glad I done the course, and feel I learn a lot!
  • I have enjoyed this and would like to follow up with a longer course to possibly deliver training in future.

Isle of Wight, July 2015

  • As a listener it gave me much more insight into the caller’s I’ve had with mental health problems. The instructors were brilliant and gave us enough time to understand each exercise. Thank you
  • This has opened my thought processes to realise I must listen more rather than go into fix it mode straight away. Overall very informative and enjoyable.
  • Feel more able to engage with people needing mental health first aid.


References from MHFA Website:

Social Care Professional

I work in Islington and have used many aspects of MHFA training in my professional and personal life when talking with colleagues and friends about mental health. Shortly after the course I supported a friend who was in considerable distress and the course taught me some techniques and gave me the confidence to support them.

Ambulance Staff

As we are generally one of the first on the scene for accidents, it’s incredibly powerful to have that insight into people’s mental wellbeing. We are able to spot the signs if someone is in crisis and can help immediately.

Staff Nurse

Learning Mental Health First Aid is a perfect fit alongside all the physical and medical training we have. Recognising if someone is suicidal as soon as they are admitted can help speed up their recovery process.

Family Member

Learning about Mental Health First Aid has given me new skills which I can use in every part of my life.

Foster Parent

Some of our foster children have had an incredibly difficult start in life. By learning about MHFA, it has helped us to identify if there may be problems and the best way of approaching them.

School Teacher

Working in a secondary school we deal with a lot of Mental Health Issues and having awareness of Mental Health First Aid is imperative to helping a student in the first instance. It helps us with the issue of understanding the individual better and therefore being able to offer the best support

HR Manager

As I am responsible for everybody’s welfare, it is important for me to be able to recognise if someone in the organisation is not well and needs help.


Having done the MHFA course, I am now able to deal with difficult situations, because I have more understanding and empathy.

Lived Experience

The MHFA course has helped me to understand myself better and taught me self-help tips to improve my own wellbeing.