Delighted with the feedback

Sometimes I am asked why I do what I do.

I do it because it makes a difference to individuals, then to families, then to communities and organisations and through them to our world. I do my little bit to change the world to be a better place.

How do I know I do that?

Because every now and then, someone writes directly to me and says thank you. Like this one:

“Susan, on behalf of XXX we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the excellent training session that you ran for us yesterday. Dealing with mental health is always a sensitive topic. When we are openly discussing, as a group, the challenges that it brings with colleagues who have had their own journeys. Thank you for making the environment safe and inclusive for us all. The feedback has been really positive and we are all committed to launching our Ambassador programme to further support our colleagues across the business.
 Again the MHFA resources are extremely helpful.
Sue, I shall keep in touch and let you know the progress of the team
Again many thanks from us all for an excellent and highly professional day , we all learnt alot.”
And I shall do it over and over again, even if there is no feedback!

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