Book Review: Book Marketing Made Simple

By Karen Williams, 2017

ISBN: 978-09957390-2-4 (print)

ISBN: 978-0-9957390-3-1 (e-book)

So you are probably wondering what am I up to now? Well, I have met so many people with incredible stories about overcoming diversity and being resilient around their mental health issues that it makes a lot of sense to encourage them to write their story down and share it. Help me make a difference in the world, one person at a time. Once written it aught to be published and a lot of people wonder how do I do that? Don’t I need an agent and a publisher? Well, maybe BUT one of the options is to self publish and it is not as expensive or as difficult as you may think.

If you have ever wondered what to do with your manuscript once you think it is perfect, wonder no more. They say, whoever “they” are, that there’s a book in all of us. Reading Karen Williams’ “Book Marketing Made Simple” has made me seriously consider mine! It is aimed at the business owner with a view to using the book to grow the business. That said, there is a LOT of information on book marketing that applies directly to your autobiography, your fantasy or dramatic fiction and even a children’s book.

I started with the lovely feel of the book, mine is a softback. It is well bound with a great cover image that is not overly busy. Your light bulb moment is there on the cover where some of the subjects to be found inside are listed. It is written in an easy to read font which enhances a very practical layout. The book is packed full of information and covers an enormous variety of marketing tips and tricks to get your book in front of your chosen audience. When I say packed, I do mean packed, extensive. What it also really good though is that the layout enables you to find the bit you want very easily. The chapters are in a logical order with pre-launch, launch and post launch strategies.

It may seem logical but as Karen writes in her opening “The biggest mistake authors make is failing to promote their book at all stages of its creation.” To realise the significance of that point and how to do it you really do need to read the book, I couldn’t make the point better, or clearer than she has. So if you have the idea, I recommend you read the book, make your plans and only then start writing. I am convinced your success rate will be far greater and faster than without it.

Okay, so you already have a manuscript, you view yourself as an author (not a marketing person) and have just read my last paragraph and want to give up right now and bin it. PLEASE DON’T. The beauty of Karen’s book is that even if you have leapt in where angels fear to tread and have a manuscript in hand the situation can be redeemed. It does mean that you have an advantage instead of writing and marketing together you get to spend more time on dedicated marketing (which I should warn you might in turn lead to a bit of re-writing as you define your market of readers and what they want/need better – but hey, you do want to sell more copies, don’t you?).

The writing style is that of a work book. Read a bit, think a bit, do a bit and this is helped by the Things to Think About – the space Karen creates for you to make your notes directly into your copy of the book. If writing in a book is sacrilege to you then get a notebook and follow her prompts. These notes become your action plan – what to do, when and where will help to hold you accountable and follow the marketing process through. Another point that is made clearly – if you find something doesn’t work, there are other opportunities for you to explore that may work better or simply be more comfortable for you to do. So you do have options and choices – everything from traditional printed media (flyers, brochures and newspaper adverts) through to social media (and which ones to use and how/why/when), vlogs and webinars. In so doing “Book Marketing Made Simple” does that and enables you to create your own step by step guide.

Karen adds a dash of reality by spicing her book with case studies from her clients and personal experience. These really do add a sense of “can do” and “it is possible”, especially as the case studies follow several authors through the various stages of their book journey detailing their experiences along the way. These are real live authors doing what you want to do – making a success of their book and their business.

To ensure she gives the reader the best information possible for this time, Karen quotes from experts in their fields such as Ellen Watts for Crowdfunding, Samantha Pearce the book designer for information on Nielsen Books (and ISBN related stuff), Naomi Johnson for LinkedIn, DiElle Hannah for voice over tips (for recording your CD version and podcasts), Mark Edmunds on making videos and Steve Bimpson on search engine optimisation.

Karen brings her personal experience to bear. She knows book publishing from the inside, this is her 5th book and she has directly marketed them all. She is sharing her personal knowledge to enable you to create your book, grow your company and enjoy the ride. It will be a lot smoother following the path Karen lays out for us in Book Marketing Made Simple.

Now then, where is my paper and pen, time to start writing that plan and re-reading from Page 1! What about you? Your story is worth sharing too!


Copies of Book Marketing Made Simple can be found here.



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