Book Review: Your Other Half – The Guide to Better Relationships with Others & Yourself by Sophie Personne

In mental health matters, the toll taken on the human psyche when relationships aren’t quite right or go wrong is a huge burden to us in terms of stress and anxiety. “Your Other Half” is a highly useful and economical tool to assist in relieving that stress and anxiety.

You could be forgiven for asking “Which other half?” Sophie Personne in her debut self-help book looks not just at the obvious “other half” – our spouse or partner, but also the hidden other half, our other half – the one we hide from view inside ourselves.

Using her experience in relationship coaching with singles, couples and groups backed by her training in NLP Sophie busts open many relationship myths. She encourages us to investigate deeper our thoughts and behaviors, not just those of our spouses/partners, but, even the most important one – our relationship with ourselves. There are overlaps in the relationships we have with our colleagues in the workplace so the process we learn can be very far-reaching.

Sophie writes that “the aim of the book is to get you on your way and give you the foundations of an authentic happy life, whilst being true to who you are, learn to communicate better and understand others.” The book is not overburdened with theory from an academic perspective but practical and realistic, drawing from her personal experience. There is a wealth of knowledge included but it is definitely easy to read and follow.

What adds particular value to the book are the worksheets that the reader can download from Sophie’s website. We all know that the benefit gained from a self-help book is directly proportional to the effort/work carried out by the reader, using the material in the book. The worksheets are designed for those who are single and struggling to establish a good long-term relationship and those already in a relationship and desiring to make it better/stronger.

Sophie gets to the heart of the matter – why things go wrong (but no spoilers here!) and the process involved in building/developing relationships. It’s no pushover and yes, knowledge is required to make it happen and effort is needed to work it through to success. But, if we are honest with ourselves, the end result of good, healthy relationships will be well worth it and is achievable.

I recommend “Your Other Half” to anyone who has ever wondered why some relationships work and others do not. And also for those who want “more.” I doubly recommend it if you want your relationships to be better and stronger and encourage you to download the worksheets and make the effort to work things through.

To order a copy of Sophie’s book please click on the link here.  

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