Enroute to Making MHFA Training a Legal Requirement

MHFA is just as important as physical first aid

MHFA is just as important as physical first aid

For a while now I have been saying that mental health first aid needs to be a legal requirement in businesses, in the same way, that physical first aid is. The two should be treated on parity. There is no health without mental health.* I even predicted within the next 5 to 10 years it will become law. The process is starting.

According to Mental Health First Aid England, an announcement is due today. “The Right Honourable MP Norman Lamb will lead a call on the government to make MHFA part of the first aid regulations for employers.” The timing is no coincidence – today Monday 10th October 2016 is World Mental Health Day 2016.

What does this mean for business? You have two options –

  1. Wait until it’s law and then join the rush (with all the others) to comply.
  2. Get ahead of the game, make the most of the CSR** opportunity this presents for your marketing and HR announcements and get your staff trained NOW. Who would not want to work for an organization that is not supportive of mental health issues?

As a Mental Health First Aid Course Trainer accredited to Mental Health First Aid England let me train your team. Let’s get your course(s) setup – contact

*Link here

** CSR  = corporate social responsibility

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