Happiness on the Agenda for Guernsey

Tickets for a second, ground-breaking mental health and wellbeing conference organized in the island of Guernsey are now on sale. Thrive 2020 will take place in St Peter Port this October and will ask speakers and the audience to answer one simple question – how can Guernsey become the happiest country on Earth?

The bold question reflects the organizers’ ambition for the future of this small Channel Island’s community.

‘Happiness is a common goal. It is something that parents want for their children; it creates an environment for productivity and creativity and it is something that is within reach for all of us,’ explains Marc Winn, one of the conference organizers.

Speakers and attendees at Thrive 2020 in 2015

Speakers and attendees at Thrive 2020 in 2015


‘Guernsey is small enough to implement changes easily while having a large enough population to track those changes. We also believe that what happens here can be a role model for other communities and we believe Thrive 2020 can have a tangible impact both here and abroad.’


Conference organizers from the Dandelion Project are bringing together a myriad of experts from the fields of education, workplace wellbeing, neuroscience, health, community and spirituality to speak.

Over 20 speakers, including 13 experts from the UK and Europe, will focus on the subject of happiness and mental wellbeing.

International speakers include Susan Hayward of Susan Hayward Mental Health First Aid Training, in Hampshire. “I am delighted to be joining The Dandelion Project for this year’s Thrive 2020 to talk about how mental health first aid can help Guernsey become the happiest place on the earth to live.”

As well as attracting experts from across Europe, local speakers include Deputy Gavin St Pier, Dr. Greg Lydall, a General Adult Psychiatrist with Guernsey’s Health and Social Care team, men’s coach Andre Duquemin and Valerie Winn, co-founder of the Guernsey-based Feminine Truth project.

The theme of happiness has a very broad appeal and stems from the Dandelion Project’s research on what matters most to islanders. ‘We have been asking the local community what is truly important to them. Happiness is the answer we get time and time again. We felt it was important to run a regular event on this topic,’ explains Mr. Winn.

It is anticipated that the 20 talks will inspire, educate and excite the audience, as well as sparking debate and conversations that the organizers hope will make an impact on the community.

The 2015 Thrive 2020 conference was highly praised by speakers who were invited from the UK and beyond to participate, with one presenter saying that Guernsey was ‘leading the way’ with the organization of this type of event. ‘The success of last year’s conference has helped us to attract some highly respected speakers who are excited about the prospect of being part of a project that can make a real difference,’ says Mr. Winn.

Thrive 2020

Thrive 2020




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